Anon Cup: 2nd round draw and results

ANON CUP 2nd Round Draw 2011/12

Home Away
Southport “B”  2 v  7 St Teresa’s “A”
Formby TTC “A”  6 v  0 Southport “A”
St Teresa’s “B”  8 v  2 Formby HT “B”
Formby HT “A”  6 v  1 Formby TTC “B”
Formby TTC “C”  not yet played Southport “D”
Formby HT “C”  7 v  1 Southport “G”
North Meols “C”  0 v  10 North Meols “A”
Argyle “C”  3 v  7 Argyle “A”

ANON PLATE 1st Round Draw 2011/12

Home Away
North Meols “F”  4 v  6 Formby TTC “G”
North Meols “B”  10 v  0 North Meols “D”
Formby TTC “D”  10 v  0 Formby TTC “F”
Formby HT “D”  0 v  6 St Teresa’s “C”
Southport “F”  0 v  7 Argyle “B”
Southport “C”  10 v  0 Formby HT “E”
Paraplegics “A”  8 v  2 Southport “E”
Formby TTC “E”  10 v  0 North Meols “E”

This draw will be published in the Southport Visiter by 4-11-11

Anon Cup and Anon Plate matches to be played week commencing 14-11-2011
Results to be sent to the fixture secretary by 25-11-2011
Club secretaries to inform all Team captains of these draws.