Anon Cup: 3rd round draw

Gordon Wood and Brian Crolley have carried out the Anon Cup and Anon Plate Draws as shown below.

ANON CUP 3rd Round Draw 2012
N. Meols “A” v St Teresa’s “A”
Formby TTC “A” v Formby HT “C”
Formby TTC “C” v Argyle “A”
St Teresa’s “B” v Formby H.T. “A”
ANON PLATE 2nd Round Draw  2012
N. Meols “B” v Argyle “B”
Para’s “A” v Formby TTC “D”
St Teresa’s “C” v Formby TTC “G”
Southport “C” v North Meols “E”

These draws will be published in the Southport Vister by 03-02-2012.
The matches are to be played week commencing 13-02-2012.
The results to be sent to the fixture secretary by 24-02-2012
The fixture secretary has requested that the order of play be filled in on the score card.