Looks like there are several new faces in the league this year as players take advantage of last year’s rule change where a player is required to become an individual member of the English Table Tennis Association to play league table tennis. The single membership allows the player to play in any number of leagues for the one membership.

Andrew Harper and Steve Lyon are new to North Meols and when turning out for the ‘A’ team they each picked up two singles in their debut match against newly promoted Southport ‘A’ (nice to see a Southport team back in the 1st division!!). Andrew and Steve then teamed up in the doubles but their luck ran out and they lost the set to give the Southport team their only point in a 9:1 loss.

The local derby between Formby H.T. ‘A’ and Formby H.T. ‘B’ saw the ‘A’ team as 7:3 winners. Ned Hassan having moved up the ranking in the ‘B’ team this season will find it hard but rewarding in that top spot. Mal Kent playing number 2 had a great win over Mendel Williams taking the set 8, 9, -9 and 11. I assume that Mal’s backhand was going on and he was rocketing the ball past Mendel like a bullet.

It’s also nice to see the North Meols youngster, Oliver Moir promoted to number 1 in the team. It was obviously deserved as he took his 3 in a 9:1 win over the North Meols ‘F’ team. He was ably supported by grandparents Dennis and Val who completed the family victory by also winning three each by taking two singles each and a doubles.

Argyle ‘A’ inflicted a 6:4 defeat on Formby TTC ‘C’. The best match of the night was Barry Crook versus Ben Edwards. It was a great match to watch and one that Ben was unlucky to lose by the narrowest of margins. Saying that it was such a good match that there was no real loser as it was such good table tennis. Chris Parkes, winner of last season’s Ron Eyes trophy, won both his singles. He is so quick across the court that he gets to all the balls and he just keeps getting them back. The rallies are long and arduous and each point is ten or more shots. Who says that table tennis players are not fit!! Also, if team captains could please add some comments on the cards then I promise Iwill incorporate them into the notes.



FORMBY TTC ‘C’  4                        ARGYLE ‘A’ 6

FORMBY H.T. ‘C’  2                        ST TERESA’S ‘A’  8

NORTH MEOLS ‘A’  9         SOUTHPORT ‘A’  1

FORMBY H.T. ‘B’  3            FORMBY H.T. ‘A’  7

FORMBY TTC ‘A’  10          ST TERESA’S ‘B’  0

FORMBY TTC ‘B’ 7             NORTH MEOLS ‘A’  3

SOUTHPORT ‘A’ 8               FORMBY H.T. ‘B’ 2

ST TERESA’S ‘A’ 4              FORMBY TTC ‘C’ 6

ARGYLE ‘A’  5                     FORMBY H.T. ‘A’ 5


ARGYLE ‘C’  2                     NORTH MEOLS ‘C’  8

SOUTHPORT ‘D’  4              FORMBY TTC ‘D’  6

ST TERESA’S ‘C’  5              ARGYLE ‘B’  5

SOUTHPORT ‘C’  7              FORMBY H.T. ‘D’  3

ARGYLE ‘B’ 9                      SOUTHPORT ‘D’  1

NORTH MEOLS ‘B’  2         FORMBY TTC ‘E’ 8

SOUTHPORT ‘B’  9              ARGYLE ‘C’  1

NORTH MEOLS ‘C’             7          FORMBY H.T. ‘C’ 3

SOUTHPORT ‘C’  0              ST TERESA’S ‘C’ 10


FORMBY TTC ‘G’ 1             ARGYLE ‘D’ 9

SOUTHPORT ‘E’  9              FORMBY H.T. ‘E’  1

NORTH MEOLS ‘D’  9         NORTH MEOLS ‘F’  1

PARAPLEGICS ‘A’  5          NORTH MEOLS ‘F’  5

NORTH MEOLS ‘E’  2         FORMBY TTC ‘F’  8

FORMBY TTC ‘F’ 5              PARAPLEGICS ‘A’  5

SOUTHPORT ‘F’ 3                NORTH MEOLS ‘D’  7

NORTH MEOLS ‘F’  9          SOUTHPORT ‘G’  1

ARGYLE ‘D’ 10                    FORMBY H.T. ‘D’  0

SOUTHPORT ‘E’  4              NORTH MEOLS ‘E’  6